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Kyro is a cryptocurrency tracker that puts information you care about - news, curated research, and prices - all in one place. We index news & research from hundreds of sources and surface the most relevant ones in your feed. It's available for iOS and Android today.

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Replaced cmc, crypto reddit for me. Love prices and news all in one place! Sweet app!
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Hi ProductHunt! David from team Kyro here. We built Kyro to better make sense of the wild west of cryptocurrencies. While there are plenty tools are around price and market cap, actual information and updates about coins remain difficult to find. We wanted to surface that content with Kyro to give you a complete picture beyond market cap. In the initial version, we are indexing hundreds of sources along with hand curated research on popular cryptocurrencies. We hope you enjoy the app and would love to hear your feedback! πŸ™
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First place I check for my daily crypto news fix. Looking forward to more great things from the team in the future. Recommended!
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Really beautiful app! There are so many awful ones out there for crypto tracking, and this one clearly stands above the crowd. My only request is if there's any chance the Nanex exchange could be added. It's on CoinMarketCap and has pairings for a couple of alts I hold.
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@meltingice Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into adding additional exchanges, including Nanex. Which coins do you have that are listed there?
@davidzh Thanks! I have Nano, Ravencoin, Haven, and Linda on Nanex.
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Very cool and beautiful app! :) The only thing what I miss is the switch from dollar ($) to euro (€) in the market overview. Hope you will add this and some other features. Keep it going πŸ‘πŸ»
@timischr Yup, multiple currency support is on our radar. Hoping to get to it soon!
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