The smartest and the only pet collar you will ever need.

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Seems something that's been well-thought. I know one of the co-founders and he's been a dog owner for all his life and he is also a high-tech geek/hacker so I didn't expect any less 😜). I know I'm getting one for my dog if this gets backed. The collar boasts a load of features including thse: It also has a service fee of $ 4,99 /month Excluding Taxes and shipping costs which covers the cost to use the cellular network which enables the collar owner to locate his pet when not in range with the Basestation or the cell phone.
It seems like a nice product for a pet owner! @kostgx
This looks awesome. Don't want to sound negative by saying it looks like they're reaching a bit too far with all their features, but hope they can pull this off. Very cool to make it integrated into a collar. I have Iota and have one on my dogs collar, and another on my E-GO.
Seemes vapourware. Meant to ship in August 2016 but no updates since. It is now July 2017