KYŌ is an app that helps you reflect in the company of titans.

We fuel people’s daily reflection through questions from some of the most inspiring figures in the world. Because we’ve found people’s relationship to questions change depending on who’s asking them. New expert packs & interviews added weekly!

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Connecting with awesome experts around the world and having them directly contribute to helping others rock each day through KYŌ has been incredible. There are some really awesome people in this world! Happy to answer any questions and chat about the journey. Have the best day!
Great concept @marcchampagne, @sunayshah! Can you tell us a bit more on what's next for kyo?
@be_creatv thanks partner! We’re focusing on continuing to expand our content and network of experts so we can relate and help more people with their mental fitness. You can also expect more features around voice and personalized user experiences soon!
Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra thanks man, really appreciate it!
This is really cool - I'm a big fan of the Five Minute Journal which poses key questions to you every day to answer!
@benmlevy Thanks Ben! So are we, gratitude journaling is so important. We’re adding to that concept by ensuring the questions in your life & within KYŌ evolve with you. Making sure your reflection stays fresh and relevant for you. We’re always amazed at the power of a good question and even more so when it’s coming from someone you really respect. Thanks for being a part of the journey, have rocking holiday!
Really awesome! Great work.
@lumesty Thanks Ryan! Miss those early morning chats with you partner!