Kylie Run

Help Kylie become a self-made billionaire (Mario style) 💰

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We all know how hard is it to become a 'self-made billionaire'.

Help Kylie Jenner run across the beaches of Los Angeles to reach her goal. Make sure you collect Instagram followers along the way and don't let those lame Snapchat fans bring you down!

Load game cartridge on desktop.


Louise Croft
Andrew Ettinger
Csaba Kissi
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Pia@pmkszabo · BizDev, Finimize
Such a funny idea! Love the snapchat ghosts 😂
Jamie Hagerty
Jamie Hagerty@jamie_hagerty
Such a funny idea!
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
Take some rest, play Kylie Run 🕹👍
Shruti Iyer
Shruti Iyer@shrutiiyer07 · Manager Assistant at Credit Suisse Italy
It is not something new but it definitely is addictive!
colorswall@colorswall · Colorswall
I like Mario style, cool game.