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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2018

Kydy is an AR Q&A app that sends talking AR creatures (Kydies) directly to your friends' hands. Each Kydy has a different voice. iMessage extension coming soon.

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Hey Hunters! I'm Rudy from Kydy. Kydy started out as an idea for AR tattoos from a design sprint. Since then it evolved into a full-fledged app capable of sending AR creatures that talk! We felt most of the AR experiences were tied to geographical locations and wanted to create something that would allow people to receive and send using AR. And adding voices to the equation seemed exciting to us. But the best way to figure out how we should move forward is through the feedback of the PH community. Please let us know your thoughts! Thanks, Rudy
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Obviously, a lot of great AR developers still struggle to find an application of the technology that would be actually useful. Some of the apps out there are fun, but that's as far as it goes...


UI and 3d models look kinda cool.


Don't wanna be that guy, but the usefulness of this app seems like a bit of a stretch...

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Thanks Vjeko! You're absolutely right! It's not an AR measure kit or IKEA! But we wanted to make something funky and fun! However, we think our tech/app can be a great value add for martech or other customer touchpoint strategies too!
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Very interesting concept for sending messages to my friends. Keep it up! Jaime
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@jaimebosch_ Thanks Jaime! Of course, our amazing voice filters are from Voicemod :D
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@jaimebosch_ Thanks Jaime!! Keep up the stellar work at Voicemod!! :)
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Thanks @rlvl , we are on it!
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Very cool. It's like Apple's Animojis but with spatial awareness i.e. in the real world! On that note, reminds me of Pokemon GO... Not that we should encourage people to walk around with their phones out constantly, but how cool would it be to leave messages for people in certain places (i.e. leave a shark in the kitchen to tell your roommate/spouse/kid(s) something)?
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@codyfitzpatrick Hey Cody! thank you for your insight! Yeah i think localization is a pretty awesome thing to integrate - and to be honest with you we're not sure what the best way for us is yet! But sticking the shark/animoji somewhere to be unlocked is a great concept - thanks for the idea!
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There are very few "useful" applications running ARKit, and I think Kydy is definitely a rare exception. Try it out for yourself, it's surprisingly charming and fun!


A cute way to message your friends using augmented reality


There is a bit of latency before the characters load.

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