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KYA is a new analytics platform for publishers created by BestTechie founder, Jeff Weisbein. It aims to truly understand the audience as individual readers and not just figures. Jeff’s frustration grew from the fact that existing publishers’ analytics tools are lacking. While providing publishers with lots of data, none help to truly understand the audience. KYA solves this problem by allowing readers to share their opinion and feedback on topics they enjoy directly with the publisher by sending a ‘shout’ out.
Hey! I'm the founder/CEO of KYA. I've been in the publishing space for more than 10 years, I started BestTechie when I was just 13. I also spent time as an analyst for a social media analytics firm in NYC. I'd love to answer any questions you may have about KYA and/or how it may be able to help your digital publication better understand its audience, improve its content strategy, and more!
@jeff can we install manually using javascript rather than doing Wordpress plugin?
@joshuabretag Hey, thanks for your interest in KYA! As for your question, technically the answer is yes, however, we don't recommend it (and also why we don't offer it as an option). We've found the plugin to be easier, faster, and more reliable for people. Plus, it uses WordPress hooks to ensure everything loads properly. Lastly, I believe you sent me an email earlier and I just wanted to let you know I replied with a question for you. :)
I enjoy using the product, but I've come and gone because a lot of the website is clunky and slow. The insight provided is excellent, but when users press the shout button and try to close the popover, there isn't a close button. I would love to pay for the service if it was faster, and better built.