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Subhasish Adhikary
  • Subhasish Adhikary
    Subhasish AdhikaryWeb Geek, Blogger & Digital Marketer

    Good Data


    IP Filtering

    I found it difficult as the website tells me that I am using a vpn. annot access using my broadband ip.

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Peter Hrbacik
Peter HrbacikMaker@peterhrbacik · CEO, itrinity
Hey Product Hunters, founder of KWFinder here. KWF is a simple online tool for finding related long tail keywords with one-click keyword difficulty analyse. I launched it almost a year ago. Just for my own purpose, because I was not completely satisfied with any tool on the market. So I decided to create my own keyword research tool. Since then, word about KWFinder spread and we have thousands of users now. In these days, we are working on a new, much better version of KWF, so any feedback or suggestion is highly appreciated :) As a small thanks to the PH community, we decided to provide 25% lifetime discount code for you: "producthunt" (promo code is valid until Sunday, Jun 14).
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
Hi @peterhrbacik this looks quite useful. I am loving it so far.
Troy Osinoff
Troy Osinoff@yo · Angel Investor
@peterhrbacik Going to give your product a try :)
Peter Hrbacik
Peter HrbacikMaker@peterhrbacik · CEO, itrinity
@yo @peterhrbacik Great, thank you! If you would have any question or suggestion, feel free to let me know :)
Marcos T. Moralez
Marcos T. MoralezHunter@marcosmoralez · Emmy Award-Winning Designer, Prev Amazon
Pretty interesting tool I just found. I like that with each search query it will display the top 10 sites in the results for that keyword and provides them with a score. I can then use that to gauge the difficulty to rank for that particular keyword. One feature request i would make is to allow me to enter in my own site to see what my score is, that way I have a benchmark across all of the sites in the serps panel.
Peter Hrbacik
Peter HrbacikMaker@peterhrbacik · CEO, itrinity
@marcosmoralez Hi Marcos, thanks for sharing. I like your suggestion. It really gives me a sense to include such functionality there. We are working on a new version of KWFinder and we will really consider it. Thanks again!
Daria Shualy
Daria Shualy@daria_shualy
I like that the tool shows the trend of the keyword.
Germán Castaño
Germán Castaño@germancastano · IT Professional, Entrepreneur
This is a wonderful tool for finding good keywords to improve your SEO.