All the tools a developer needs to build a form.

The easiest way for developers to build any form they need without using a GUI form-builder starting at $0.
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That front-end back-end validation-in-one is pretty dope!
@kevinyun Thanks Kevin. That is the one feature that started it all.
Hello Product Hunters! What an amazing feeling to be featured here amongst other great products. Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us! My name is Erik, and I am the Co-Founder of Kwes. I have been developing websites for over 15 years now, and one thing that has always been a pain has been developing a solid and complete form. In the current state of the industry, web developers either have to use a GUI form builder, or combine different services to add frontend validation, backend validation, spam protection and data management to their form. Neither solution is ideal or efficient for a developer. 3 years ago, my Co-Founder came to me with the idea to build a form service, and I brushed him off like “You’re Crazy!”. A few days after he comes to me with a prototype of a form that validates front end and backend at the same time…. I was blown away! At that moment I had an epiphany of a complete form service for developers. After 2 years of development, testing, beta testing, hitting roadblocks, we made our vision come to life. Kwes offers all the tools a developer needs to build any form they need without a GUI form-builder. • Advanced form components. Easily add complex components with minimal code. • Best validation in the industry. Front end and back end validation with one line of code. • Best spam protection. We automatically block 99% of spam with a multi-filter approach including A.I. • Data management. Frictionless UX. • Integrations • Webhooks • Zapier We had been in private beta mode for 10 months and now we are ready to share Kwes with the world. We have much more form building components to come in the next few weeks. Have questions? Let us know here. We would love to hear them.
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I love the spam protection. Looking forward to that.
I really enjoy that I can access data through JSON API. A+