Kustom AR

the complete AR home design app

The complete AR solution allowing you to redesgin your home with our augmented relaity mobile app, using both 2D and 3D files to decorate your home, inspire your very own real renovation or decoration projects and also buy and sell furniture all in one place.
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Hey everyone, I hope you will try out our fantastic app kustom ar today! I built this app and the foundations of our home design platform to solve a problem I had when renovating our house. We did quite extensive home renovations in 2019 but to visualise how the place would look we always had to go refer back to 2D plans, to hand drawn sketches or lifeless 3D computer mockups. The visualisation problems were hard to grasp during the building work but this became even harder when trying to figure out the decoration of the house or what furniture would look good, then even practical things like where we would place the TV became hard on such a blank canvas, what the kitchen would look like and exactly where it would go, how to arrange the dining room how many chairs do we need, how many will fit, etc etc. When we bought our sofa we had to resort to a tape measure, delaying our purchase, until we had taken these measurements back and outlined them in the house, then had to return to the store and place the order. This took too long and could be better. So that was the problem I faced and thought how could I solve it, what would be the best way? I initially played around with VR but came the the conclusion VR isn't easily in the hands of a customers, so although VR can be very immersive it just didn't fit what I was trying to solve, so I pivoted away from VR to AR. I have been a big fan of AR and the potential of this technology for several years, I have kept a close eye and followed the trends of some apps along the hardware and software, I was at WWDC the year Apple's ARKit was announced. I have worked in mobile for several years, it is a world I am familiar with and I have worked with ARKit in the past commercially. I really think AR is a technology of the future and I was sure it could be a solution to solve my home design needs. So I began to built out the foundations of what I hope will become a platform for home design. Today we have a mobile AR app to view 2D images and 3D models, an app an architect could use or the project manager during the renovation, to place 3D designs in the actual space, for example you could visualise a entire kitchen design, walk around it and get a feel of the size and scale, allow customers a better buying experience. Local and independent furniture retailers can use our app as a new market to increase sales, allowing customers to view and digitally place the items in their own home before they buy them, make sure colours and sizes are right and it fits the look they want in their home. We are building a platform that I believe can solve these problems. We aim to become the essential tool for interior designers and architects to better visualise their projects, through different stages of development, give their clients a better feel for how their home will look, but also create a place for independent furniture makers and local retailers to sell their furniture offering a more personal buying experience, opening up new potential markets for small stores.
Thanks everyone, for more information head over to https://www.reddit.com/r/kustomar ask questions, add feature requests and link up with other users.