A loyal little home robot with a cheerful personality

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Hi - I'm Mike, the CEO of Mayfield Robotics. We are a 40-person startup created by Bosch in Redwood City. We have been working on creating Kuri for the past two years and we are thrilled to introduce her to the world.
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@michael_beebe42 thanks for sharing - how are you seeing Kuri connect (or replace) home assistants?
Kuri responds to voice input, and in this way is similar to other devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo.
@sanemavcil This thing is pretty sweet. Reminds me of a droid from Star Wars... lt's like Alexa mixed BB8.
@peet818 Yeah He is so cute :)
This is like having your own functional R2D2! Considering a Roomba is roughly on the same price tier, I dont think it is really that expensive at all. Looking forward to see the progress as this has so much potential. The videos are pretty cool, although I found the "wife's parents" one a bit odd :)
Very cute! Though I think not many people will see the appeal in this robot for 600 dollars. Maybe if it were priced a bit lower (though that might not be possible) it would?
@jesse__muller considering its a walking talking robot, and costs less than an iPhone, I thought that was pretty cheap to be honest!