All monitoring services capture data about errors. Kuoll e-commerce monitoring actually knows if an error is negatively affecting shoppers.

✔︎ detect revenue leaks

✔︎ monitor online store

✔︎ control release status

✔︎ track dev team KPI

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Folks, thank you for all of your support! Feel free to ask ANY question you may have. Would LOVE to answer 😉 The most common question, btw: how Kuoll is different? We measure HOW MUCH a specific bug affects shopper interactions, purchases and revenue.
Sounds great! Are there any limitations? I mean min/max daily conversions number or daily audience?
@dmitry_ovod_marchuk thank you for the question. Actually, the more traffic you have, the faster we will be able to detect issues and the faster you will see the release status report. Also, more data means better statistical significance of the result. Which is for nerds but a good thing anyway ;) The largest store we are serving right now generates 100k-200k sessions per day.
On which Ecommerce platforms does Kuoll works? How do you evaluate potential revenue losses because of a bug?
@andreibaklinau Hi Andrei. We support Magento 2 out of the box. With other platforms developers need to mark e-commerce events like Visit, AddToCart and Checkout. Kuoll evaluates revenue losses automatically using data about error and shoppers micro-conversions. For more detailed answer you can read

Really happy to hunt this product!


- Much less false positive errors comparing to competitors

- Automatic error impact prioritization

- Realtime error detection at our volume


- Minor error grouping issues

Thank you Boris, we are working hard to make a difference and create monitoring that is not just reporting lots of raw data but provides great insights!
Kuoll has come a long way! Good luck!