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Ryan Lelek
People First, Tech Second
If you enjoyed Kung Fury, you can support the creators by purchasing your downloadable HD copy for $5 at VHX (link below). Visit KungFury.com for more! https://kungfury.vhx.tv/buy/kung...
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Sergey Shmidt
Co-founder of @designmodo.
Can I purchase a VHS copy?
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Joost Schuur
Platform Evangelist, Playmob
This is one off topic submission I can get behind. You got a permit for those guns? Related music video with David Hasselhoff:
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Jared SchnelleFounder, Forge
@joostschuur David Sandberg said that they're currently trying to find a manufacturing source for the jacket that the Hoff is wearing after receiving so much interest. His AMA on Reddit is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/c...
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Greg Barbosa
Founder, Prayer Hands Apparel
@joostschuur One of my favorite AMAs on /r/movies in a long time. He really gave everyone the answers they wanted.
Irving Torres
Freelance Designer
17k backers pledged $630,019 last year for this project on Kickstarter and I've been keeping an eye out for it since then. Kung Fury definitely took the the internet by storm this weekend. David Sandberg, the writer, director and Kung Fury himself, had an AMA on Reddit a day ago where he went over the creation process and gave a little insight on Triceracop, the plot line, and the Kung Fury Jacket worn by the Hoff (which will be available soon). Overall, a hyper creative project that resonated well with many. I loved it, my younger bros enjoyed it, and I bet you all will find it entertaining as well.
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Jared SchnelleFounder, Forge
I loved every minute of Kung Fury. I really hope this somehow becomes a ridiculous video game where I can fight Nazis with my trusty sidekick Triceracop.
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Nick PfistererDesign • Code • Music
@schnelle It turns out there -is- a companion video game! http://store.steampowered.com/ap...
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Travis Lee Street
Founder @ Lean Deals
@schnelle there's also an iOS Kung Fury game just released - Kung Fury Game by Hello There https://appsto.re/gb/gTg36.i