Kung-Fu Master

Fun way to learn Chinese characters (writing and reading)

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Hi, Product Hunt. The creators of Kung-Fu Master are here. Kung-Fu Master is our attempt to make learning Chinese characters fun and easy to maintain as a daily habit. We still have a long way to get there, but wanted to share what we’ve built so far. The app lets you learn 1300+ simplified Chinese characters (both writing and reading) with short engaging study sessions where you learn only 3 characters at a time. The built-in optical character recognition (OCR) engine can check whether you drew characters correctly or not. You can learn reading by playing in real-time matches with players around the world. P/S: We also added the career development where you can progress on the path to mastery by unlocking levels named after your favorite Chinese martial artists and movie stars: from Beggar So to Bruce Lee :) Can’t wait to hear what you think.
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