Kuna Light

Outdoor security, video, and light all in one πŸ”†

#5 Product of the DayMay 28, 2017
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Please dial down the Sumo pop-ups @haomiaoh. Had the same pop-up 3 different times as I navigated the site. Check the settings in the app, it is just configured poorly. Plus, you are not using a mobile optimized pop-up either so it looks janky anyway.
@jcwinter @haomiaoh yeah. I'm trying to navigate the store and there's popups interrupting me all over the place.
This looks awesome! Would love to try it out πŸ˜„ Makers, let's connect alex@the-photographyblog.com
Homekit support?
@barkerja_ Google Home support first please.
@androidlove If they can do Homekit, they can do Google Home (since Apple has more strict privacy requirements).
@androidlove Also, does Google Home (or whatever Google's HomeKit platform equivalent is these days) have support for cameras?
Can you select certain area to alert you of, like if anyone walks in or out of a door?
I've used and reviewed this for TechCo. It's ok, but the Netatmo presence is better.