Convert Sketch designs to HTML CSS React Angular VueJs 😎

Convert Sketch designs to HTML CSS React Angular VueJs 😎
KuikaBoost helps teams design together, test, see how project works. 🖥️
Fewer tools, faster collaboration, shorter time to market. 🤟
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It is too early stage. I have not used any alternatives.

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KuikaBoost for UI/UX Designers and Front-end Developers KuikaBoost Boost is based on UI/UX Designers and Front-end Developers’ high priority needs. We believe in our product to be time-saving and extend your capabilities. We always keep in mind designers and developer’s requirement and challenges. We have been excited while designing our brand-new product. KuikaBoost produces clean HTML5 and CSS code from Sketch design for designers and front-end developers. KuikaBoost enhances collaboration among designers, frontend developers and their customers. Designers: With KuikaBoost, you can be sure that your design will be implemented beautifully as you imagined with high fidelity and can be delivered already coded front-end. In our app, you can upload your design, define responsive behaviors, export HTML file for real product and share the output. In another words, what you see is what you really get. Front-end Developers: You can save time converting Sketch design into code and share minimum viable product with ease and confidence. Build responsive screens for web and mobile with dynamic content. You can get pure HTML/CSS output and edit this output for further needs. We are dedicated to deliver top quality software and hope to satisfy your needs for your design and development process. We invite you to use our Alpha Release of KuikaBoost and share your feedback. Your feedback will help us to deliver better product to you.
Hi folks! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm Ceylan from Kuika team. KuikaBoost now, has new features: 💥 In addition to HTML5/CSS , now you can get React, Angular and VueJs code too, in minutes! So, are you looking for easier ways to convert Sketch for Designers #designtocode or struggling with too much time ⌛️ spend with ping-ponging between #sketchtocode approvals? KuikaBoost convert them and also aims to bridge the gap between developers and designers by automating the conversion of the Sketch for Designers designs.😉 🌈 Let's start your KuikaBoost journey to boost your productivity, for free! Try now https://bit.ly/letskuikaboost 📮 Looking forward to get your feedbacks about your experience. You can also join Slack channel if you like: https://bit.ly/kuikaboost-join-s...
Let's KuikaBoost 🤟
Let's boost your productivity 🤟
As KUIKA team, we are here to support you if you are using #Sketch and need to convert your designs into HTML / CSS React Angular VueJs code or optimize your #designtocode approval process via comments on KUIKABoost. And now, KuikaBoost “Starter” plan subscription is free. 🌟 So you can #stayproductive even in #quarantine days. 🙌 Every company, team or freelancer can request access for free until July 1️⃣ , up to 3️⃣ projects per license. Let’s work from home and start to boost your productivity with KuikaBoost, sign up now 👉 bit.ly/kuikaboostsignup