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Hi Product Hunters! Thank you @bentossell for hunting us! I'm @Samgichuru one of the founders of Kuhustle We discovered a big pool of tech talent in Africa and decided to curate it. Working in an incubator in Nairobi, we would get at-least 5 inquiries a day, same question "do you know a guy who can build an app?", luckily we always knew a guy and we decided to put all the guys on one website. As it turns out, they were over 10,000! growing at 10% week on week, now we are in the process of vetting them. Kuhustle is a website that connects you to Africa's top tech talent. We offer clients an opportunity to work directly with the available talent or opt for end to end management with vetted product managers. Most clients pick the second option. Mostly because of the fact that it takes away the process headache and gurantees product delivery in time and on budget. Why Africa? Africa has some of the top growing economies, is leading on mobile money and has a software spend of $3.8B growing at 8.5% annually, this market is largely fragmented and overlooked. 23 of the 54 African states speak English as a national language while East Africa has a closer time-zone proximity to Europe with thousands of smart young people graduating from University and looking for jobs, this makes it an affordable and ideal location to outsource your digital jobs. We want to build a product that you will love, therefore please give us your feedback, ask questions, critique us, we are happy to learn and engage, you can also email me directly on sam@kuhustle.com
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@samgichuru @bentossell @kuhustle would give a thousand upvote but am limited to one. Keep up the good w
@samgichuru @bentossell @kuhustle It seems like an amazing opportunity to me, since it seems so overlooked. I can't say I'm savvy to the breadth of global offerings, but it is _very_ cool you're finding a way to match a service to the fragmentation. Maybe that's where the tech world is headed; good curation of complex and piecemeal services.
@samgichuru @kuhustle Great work, Sam! I'm always excited to see products that bridge the gap between talent and location. Keep it up! I can see something like this working for other areas like Latam.
Thank you @maxholzheu , we should call it a startup safari :)
Great hunt, @bentossell. I've already referred a couple of entrepreneurs to @kuhustle and received stellar feedback. They esp appreciate the team's thoughtful processing (A+ on matching project to client) and find the integrity and candor refreshing, as 1 of the ladies I referred had zero tech background. @samgichuru, love what you're doing @kuhustle. I will continue to recommend. Keep up the superb work
@wileyccoyote @bentossell @kuhustle Thank you very much ! We appreciate your support!
Would love to hear the backstory behind this @SamGichuru I'm enjoying the 'on-demand teams' that are cropping up. What makes an on-demand offering that much more different to hiring freelancers through the traditional route?
@bentossell Thank you! Consumer behaviour is changing and they don't care for the process, they want the end results, the finished product. Traditional freelance platforms do not guarantee quality and bring along a multitude of headaches, such as shortlisting, quality etc By plugging in a product manager, clients are able to enjoy greater convenience, simplicity and assured quality that their product will be done on time and within budget.
Andela was a big hit to the Africa Tech hub. This offers the same idea.. is it in the best interest to export tech talents out of Africa. As a Nigerian I love seeing great opportunities like this but we need those talents to shape Africa to greatness. Nice product.
@basictechy Thank you Richard!, we hope to launch in Nigeria very soon. Africa is the next frontier and we are happy to help build and export the talent, your support is highly appreciated!
@basictechy Good point on exporting talent out to the world. The question obviously now is, how to utilize this talent in Africa itself. @kuhustle @SamGichuru Good stuff on kuhustle.
Awesome job team, for our next outsourced project we'll ping Kuhustle.