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Akshay Mahna
Akshay MahnaMaker@akshaymahna · Entrepreneur
Thank you Guled Ahmed and the Product Hunt Team :). Hello Everyone! i am Akshay Mahna, the Developer of Kuhu's Planet. It would be great talking to you about the Game! Kuhu's Planet is an Endless Shooter Game! Except, you don't shoot to kill, you shoot to Zing! The Kuhus dwell in a fantasy land named "Kuhu’s Planet". A world full of charismatic and charming colours. Unfortunately the planet has been invaded by the Zompires! These creatures have shiny Zombie eyes and spooky Vampire like teeth. And Before they come and get the Kuhus, you need to save them. Kuhus being a loveable and a Kind Soul on the other hand, have a different approach with getting rid of them. Unlike the other zombie games, you don't kill or explode the Zompires, you will shoot and Zing them, turning them into adorable little Kuhus. The user earns the score according to the number of Zings and the Distance at which they have shot. The entire game including the music and sounds is solely developed by me! Please give your valuable feedbacks and ask me any questions related to the Game.
Shamaila Zahid
Shamaila Zahid@maila246 · Addicted to podcasts & success stories.
Aww, I love the toothy-smile of this game character! Looks fun :D