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Andrew Torba
Andrew TorbaMaker@torbahax · CEO, Gab.ai #SpeakFreely
Hey all founder here, Advertising on the Internet is a complex, fragmented nightmare. Different paid media channels require different strategies, tools, expectations, and most of all: time. Our goal at Kuhcoon is to completely automate the creation, management, monitoring, and optimization of every paid media campaign on the Internet. For now we do this with Facebook Ads, but soon our advertisers will be able to automate their entire paid media strategy across every paid channel on the web. We want to help advertisers of every size spend a few minutes a week telling us how much they want to spend, what their goals and creatives are, and who they plan to target. Our Intelligence System will then automatically segment out their audience during creation, A/B test multiple creatives and messages, pause poor performing ads, create and rotate new ad variants between target segments, and drive the budget into top performing campaigns. The beauty of this automation is that it requires no extra work from the advertiser. There are no complex rule-based systems. There are no unnecessary bell and whistle features. There is no need to anxiously check campaigns every few hours. Give us these three simple data points: budget, creative/conversion goal, and target demographic. Kuhcoon will then automatically drive your budget into the top performing ads with the lowest cost per conversion and the highest volume. Happy to answer any questions!
Ed Moyse
Ed Moyse@edmoyse · Founder
@torbahax Looks great - can't wait to try it out! (although won't be for a few weeks at least)
Jason Zook
Jason Zook@jasondoesstuff · I do weird things on the Internet.
@torbahax Love the clean design and interface! Had a bump in the road getting started, but I'm sure you guys will sort that out (already submitted a request). Do you guys offer concierge services if someone wanted to pay you to handle all the campaign setup, adjustments, etc?
Andrew Torba
Andrew TorbaMaker@torbahax · CEO, Gab.ai #SpeakFreely
@iwearyourshirt Happy to look into that for you, just replied to your email. :)
@torbahax Kuhcoon did a better job than we did with FB (saved us money) and saved us time by delegating it to them. They rock.
Andrew Torba
Andrew TorbaMaker@torbahax · CEO, Gab.ai #SpeakFreely
@dwmerriman Thanks David! :)
Allan Shin
Allan Shin@allnshn · Cofounder & CPO, Giveffect
Great platform with a super clean and easy interface; any novice unfamiliar with Facebook marketing can get setup quickly. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and really, they're happy to answer your questions.
Gregory Koberger
Gregory Koberger@gkoberger · Founder, ReadMe.io 📘🦉
Really awesome platform. For someone who knows nothing about FB ads, Kuhcoon is perfect (and a huge money saver).
tomharari@tomharari · CEO, Cleanly
Super easy to use and the guys behind this are online acquisition experts. Already seeing good results - highly recommended
Mike Endale
Mike Endale@mikeendale · Co-Founder & CEO of @getcallr
We use Kuhcoon and love it. Andrew is a great founder and helped us think through the campaign.
Andrew Torba
Andrew TorbaMaker@torbahax · CEO, Gab.ai #SpeakFreely
@mikeendale thanks Mike! Hope all is well :)