Kueri Platform

A complete platform for integrating natural language to SQL

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Cool! If it's working like the demo it's a winner!
@rotemthegolfer Thanks! We are glad you liked it
Hey, I'm Ido from Kueri.me. I will be here to answer any question you may have about our product. We will appreciate your feedback and comments!
One Word: Awesome! πŸ˜ƒ It looks like Microsoft's PowerBI to me. Is it completely different? PS: I don't know much about how PowerBI works, but I think it works like Kueri.
@mohitgangrade Kueri.me is a developer's tool for integrating Natural Language into applications, where as Microsoft PowerBI is a complete business intelligence solution.
@mohitgangrade Glad you liked it!
Always wondered why nobody built this before, which is a great indicator of success. Keep it up guys.
Pretty cool. I'm always a little wary of products which start out free though, because there will be a need to monetise at some point and it would be good to know that in advance of using it! Any plans @ido_peled? Thanks.
@ichillidesign Kueri is Freemium based. While Kueri LITE is free for both personal and commercial use and shall remain so, the ENTERPRISE edition which will be released later on this year will have an annual subscription fee. Feel free to contact our head of business at lee@kueri.me with any business questions you might have.
@ido_peled @ichillidesign @kueri Any indication of what you are planning on charging? Considering trying it out on a few projects but I don't want to get locked if it is going to be outrageous.
@ekryski Hey Eric, The ENTERPRISE edition is planned to be released later this year. Please contact lee@kueri.me for any business questions about the ENTERPRISE version. As I mentioned above Kueri LITE is free and shall remain so.