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Wow, as a solopreneur, I've needed this service a dozen times in the last few years. An inch deep and a mile wide makes it really hard to see any success with adwords.
@coreymaass Thanks, Corey. We're currently developing our reports, exciting to make better ways for our Kudu members to track the most important numbers in their advertising. Would love to show you the beta of these reports some time in the next couple of weeks :)
@lukekndy Happy to take a look. Contact me through gelform.com? Thanks!
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Hey Luke, congrats on being featured on PH! What is the average ROI of your current customers, can you provide some numbers?
@denlunev That's the hardest thing to answer because there's really no such thing as the average ROI or CPA, CPC, conversion-rate etc. Every business is totally different with totally different goals and strategies. It's really unfortunate that there's a breed of advertising management services that promise 'we will get you X ROI' on their landing pages. That's crazy and totally misleading. We always advise members to start small, achieve their goals and grow from there. The best advertising is all about constant iteration and improvement so that's what we do :)
This is one of those service business ideas that I love... I read how to articles all the time and by the end, i just want to pay someone to do it, but struggle with the cost... Big fan of this!
@cheapstartup Thanks man! That's great to hear :)
Great idea. Anything to make our work easier is a plus! :)