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Is there something like this for social media advertising? (facebook, twitter)
Thank you @Akhil_Anumolu :) We don't run campaigns on FBX yet - it may be something we look at in the future. We do run remarketing across Google's placements if it's a good choice for the advertiser.
Founder here. Thanks for posting @gregoiregilbert :) The Story: I started Kudu because I saw too many startups (including my own) have poorly performing ad campaigns because they didn't have access to the kind of talent usually reserved for companies with large budgets. With Kudu you have a dedicated Kudu expert who runs every part of your Adwords campaigns. You can sit back, relax and leave it to the experts :)
That's awesome. I know a lot of adwords and seo experts who pitch their costs through the savings for the customer. Do you already have benchmarks of how much customers saved?
@andreasklinger Thanks for the encouraging words. We could put up something like 'XYZ widgets had that ROI and now they have this ROI' This is the kind of thing an Ad agency would do. I've tried to stay away from that because it encourages other startups to forecast based on someone else's metrics. Every business will get different results based on so many variables out of an ad manager's control and their goals will be very different. We can say every user is better with Kudu than without - we're working to make their ad campaigns truly effective.