First crowdfunding campaign verifier

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How are you sure this information is accurate? Do you provide with analytic sources? Can the campaign owner contact you for the clarification?
@volodarik We use two-step mechanism. First our algorithms get data and process it making draft report. Then area experts look at this report and verify/update it. In such way we make result more accurate and more faster. Yes, of course owners can contact us, and this would be much better, cause we will get info from the first hands. But still this does not negate the general inspection.
@creotiv @volodarik I'm skeptic of how well an algorithm can ascertain those things. What kind of data does it actually look at? at the moment it only says how many users think that the campaign is not reliable. This is out of how many? With ~59 users with the extension, how do you get this info (I think I know, I just want to make sure)? it must not be from submissions from users with the extension.
@creotiv @volodarik PS: it would be nice to get to know why they think that it's unreliable
@joantune @volodarik we use fallback for campaigns that still not processed by us, in such case user will see users voting mechanism that you are talking about. If we process campaign then user will see something like this. Fraud: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... OK: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
@joantune @volodarik We thought about comments, but then we will get problem with filtering swearing from it and other things, and it's not that thing that we wanna do right now. So maybe in feature.
this seems like a great idea. Many crowdfunding campaigns can be scammy. This chrome extension checks for some warning signs before you back a campaign.
This is epic, finally I have a place to go to when the next device for breathing under water or shaving with lasers comes out on kickstarter!
@arturkiulian yeah... most dissapointing that because of such fraudsters suffer really good projects
Our team thinks that this is new trending project)))
I like the concept, but on the campaigns you haven't touched, a "7 users think is unreliable" isn't helpful info. 7 of how many total? 7 of how many that saw and didn't flag? Without context, can't be much help.
@mikeorren thats just fallback. Here is how it looks like when campaign have prediction: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@creotiv I get that. What % of campaigns have predictions? I'd also say that the fallback isn't useful with this level of data. Better to just call the campaign "unrated."
@mikeorren we processed about 100-150campaigns on both platforms, started from fraud.