Kuaiboard 2

Save time. Type quicker. Snippet iMessage app and keyboard.

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I use Streak's shortcuts on my desktop for canned responses in Gmail. When I'm on the go checking my email, I don't have access to these shortcuts so I often mark as unread with the intention to reply on my computer but inevitably, the email gets buried and I never reply. This might help. @philtoronto has a clever hack for doing this same thing on any mobile device using the OS' custom autocomplete. Also check out TextExpander for iPhone.
@rrhoover thanks for the shoutout :)
think we need an iOS8 custom keyboard collection. I definitely want to try a few, am a bit disappointed with SwiftKey tbh
@rrhoover well I'll be! Later today I'll install the top 5, so get curating PHers!
Hi everyone! This is Kevin, the creator of KuaiBoard. If you have any questions, I'll answer them the best I can as quickly as possible. Also feel free to drop me a line at contact@kuaiboard.com. And thanks for checking out KuaiBoard!