An app store for mobile blockchain games

Krypton citizens together with the Planetary Management Committee are involved in the construction of the planet, formulation of rules, production and distribution of digital assets and development of applications based on Krypton. Launched on 4/30/18, we have 1.2M users, 50K-100K DAUs, 400K wallet addresses and 30K transactions/day.

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This is pretty cool Mike, curious to know how you originally thought of this?
@guillaumebardet The founders initially did an NFT marketplace but there was concern about the lack of liquidity so they launched Krypton, a game platform which used NFTs. Now we have 50-100K DAUs and 1.2 Million mobile users.
@oren_bennett That awesome Oren, congrats!
Games are basic and fun, so much potential for hyper-casual, casual, to eventually full scale core gaming experiences. Great team working on this and love the 💡 and product!
@suijeneris Thanks Jeff! You humble me

Interesting gaming platform. Developers can build new lands and weapons. Platform built on blockchain so contracts are immutable, which has interested a growing group of gamers.


Interesting platform for gaming, built on blockchain


Chinese-centric today (just localized to 20 languages), also GooglePlay centric, no iOS app.

Thanks for the review!
So as I understand the economy of the project will be self regulted like in EVE for e.g.
@bitrewards Yes self-regulated economy
how to play this game?
@phamnhatle1103199 You just need an Android phone for the English version.
@phamnhatle1103199 @oren_bennett Any plans for iOS or desktop platforms?
@rkalis Yes we have plans for iOS. Currently the Chinese version is available on iOS but not in the App Store.