Kruzo for iOS

Send an anonymous message and make someone's day brighter



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Bryant Peng
Bryant Peng@bryantpeng · nobody
I love ideas like this! The only reason I'm hesitant to do one myself is b/c trolls, how do you handle mean messages?
Mikhail Bolshakov
Mikhail BolshakovMaker@mikefoxb · Dolphin and Mermaids
@bryantpeng Hi! We have a karma system that helps make Kruzo troll free. Only happines and cats! If you received something bad, help Kruzo by tapping the broom icon and reporting the message.
Philip@captnphilip · CEO & Founder of Recurpal
Although I like this concept and the intention behind this product... However, this is exactly how started in the beginning before it blew up by trolls. Anonymous messaging is extremely hard to solve and almost every company has failed trying this. Good luck.