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Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
Krumb allows you to attach stories and messages to places, but keep in mind: a ‘krumb’ is only viewable exactly where you drop it. When dropping a krumb, you decide how long it will be visible (maybe forever?) and who’ll be able to see it. Share or discover local tips ‘n tricks, magical moments with friends, geofenced promotions, hidden local gems or historical facts about your exact location. You can drop krumbs as a memory for yourself, drop krumbs for informing others or drop krumbs for next generations, but most of all: drop krumbs because it’s fun!
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@_jacksmith @tomwillemkens hey, you're doing cool things! Have you considered using not only location-based recommendations, but instead context-based recommendations? I'm working on iOS SDK (@ne_sdk) that allows you to contextualize mobile sensor data. It might be useful for you.
Tom Willemkens
co-founder Krumb
indeed...Krumb is a free, mobile app to attach stories and messages ONLY on the spot where they matter most. You can leave pictures & texts behind to followers, specific friends or just publicly. It’s the perfect tool to create buzz in your neighbourhood for a longer period of time. We're super excited to hear your feedback. Krumb is free to download for iOS and Android, so go ahead and try it out. We're here to answer your questions! You can already see thousands of krumbs of our community and partners like: Freunde von Freunden, Paris Info, the cityarchives of Amsterdam, KAA Gent, Berlin Food Stories and many others. Take in mind that their content (krumbs in general) only have a viewable range of a few 100 meters (or yards). That means there's stilll some 'un-krumbed' territory in the world, where you can be the first to drop a krumb! Share something cool, wherever you are..
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