Twitch for music: live streams from amazing musicians

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YouTube was the place to go to watch and even discover new, amazing musicians.... It would be an awesome feeling to think that you were watching LIVE the start of someone's career!! I wonder what kind of artists will emerge from this! The thing with live-streaming is that the idea can be great and the execution also really slick but community is such a huge part of the puzzle that some platforms forget. how do you plan to nuture and grow the community around this? Music is such a passionate artform that hits peoples emotions and with an amazing community around it this could be a really interesting concept :)
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback Ben! We completely agree, community is king when it comes to live. Platforms that nail down the community building seem to flourish and those that don't, well, don't. We have a bunch of 'subtle' community building features coming up and a few we've implemented. For example, when a live stream ends viewers get redirected to the next most popular live stream in that genre. That's a new musician to get behind and a new set of fans to connect with. On that note we're already implementing PMs and group messaging, a natural extension of the connections made in a live stream. As far as growth goes, we're cultivating our community by tapping into existing music communities, influencers, and partnerships with brands that are already bringing musicians and fans together.
@jay_azhang Awesome to hear :) Something I'd suggest would be a weekly/daily "best streams of the day" for people to check out - you've probably already thought of that though haha How are you competing with the likes of Huzza, never mind FB, Twitter etc
@bentossell Good idea! We're also thinking of things like mini-billboard rankings. As far as platforms like Huzza and Stageit go we're taking less of an event/organized stream angle and making sure streams are super informal, impromptu and have a low-barrier to entry. Users can go live in just 2 clicks and the mood of the platform is very much so hang out and casually perform. We're also heavy on the mobile side for similar reasons.
@bentossell I agree Ben, particularly with music. Community is so difficult to capture within a music setting partly because each genre of music has its own community style; rap and electronic communities inherently have different dynamics than punk and metal communities. That's an important consideration in building a music-related service. In a way, the content is the second priority; the first is understanding the communal dynamics that your service wants to attain or disrupt.
@jay_azhang @bentossell This is an intriguing idea, though I would proceed with caution with the Billboard rankings function. It has the potential to create a feedback loop of gatekeeper-driven (chosen) music, which is a massive turn off to a lot of people (this though, throws back to who your target audience is). If you're looking to do live-streaming of bigger artists, the dynamics will be different than if you're targeting smaller ones, in which case the Billboard rankings may not be as applicable unless you have very clearly defined parameters. Also, question: is there any barrier to entry of people (musicians) who can sign up and start a live stream, or is that open to any who want to?
Hey everyone! Thank you Andrew for posting this! I’m one of the co-founders of Krue, a live streaming app for musicians to perform, share, and engage with fans around the world. Twitch used the power of live, interactive streaming to change the gaming industry. The music industry is long overdue for change, so our goal is similar: create a global community that fuels talented musicians on a verticalized live streaming platform. Musicians will soon be able to get tips from their fans from both iOS and desktop. So far, our artists love the app and are excited to have a platform just for them! We’d really appreciate your feedback and I'll be here to answer any questions. We’ll also be at SXSW at both the interactive & music expo - if you’re around stop by our booth and say hi! -Juyan
@jay_azhang I've been using this. Looks great. Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
First of all, great idea. How do you think that musicians can use this to engage with their audience? It would be amazing if you could peek into album recordings and have musicians A/B test some songs or lyrics with influence from their audience
@piero_ruiz Hey Pedro! Thank you for the compliment :) Those are some great use cases that we've already been seeing along with some other awesome content, such as taking requests from viewers while DJing at a club, giving free vocal lessons, backstage Q&As and artists actually crowdsourcing all the lyrics to a song! Krue really is an open vessel for musicians to not only put out content easily but to take advantage of the interaction to turn viewers into fans and fans into superfans. We're really excited to see how the community takes the platform and makes it their own through their creativity and passion for music.
Awesome idea !
@axpence Thanks Alex!
As a big fan of John Mayer's Periscope streams, this is awesome!
@weheartscott Thank you Scott!