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If you love garage sales, thrift shops, or flea markets you'll love Krrb. A cozy environment that helps neighbors get to know neighbors and gives them first dibs on local treasures.
@mubashariqbal Couldn't have said it better myself, thanks! Another interesting point about Krrb is that it is the only local classifieds that allows you to search across multiple cities, even planet earth! Secondhand tourism so to speak but you could also filter by items that ship to your location and shop local everywhere.
I can't upvote this service enough (from Williamsburg, Brooklyn at least). Perhaps because Krrb cross-lists on Apartment Therapy, Krrb users seem to appreciate nice furniture more than Craigslist or other second-hand selling apps. If I'm not willing to price something just to get rid of it, Krrb is really the only service that's worked for me.
@nsharp17 Thanks Nathan! Apartment Therapy has been a great partner especially since it makes perfect sense to sell furniture locally. Krrb is actually a multi-tenant platform so if you go to https://classifieds.apartmentthe... and inspect the body element, you can remove the AT theme and it'll look like :) Some of the other classifieds we power are, and Price point has actually been a blessing and a curse. Krrb is great because it is more curated than Craigslist but that sometimes comes with a price. While we're happy that items are being sold for what they're worth, we also want to cultivate a thrifting environment. Lately we've been getting a lot more moving sales, garage sales, etc. and that has been great for lower price points ... basically folks that just want to get rid of their stuff fast. These types of sales have been super fun for the team! When a member tells us that "everything must go!!!", we step up to the challenge!
@geid Awesome. I'll give it a try for smaller price points, too. Keep up the great work - solid app.
I've been a grateful Krrb user for just over a year at this point. I love the app and have found all sorts of gems.
@gillianim Whether you're a buyer or a seller, it's such an easy to use platform for shopping in your neighborhood or across the country. What kind of items have you picked up?
@veelondono side tables and an armoire!