Your sports game film, broken down for you

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So are there people on the backend cutting up the game films? Looks like a great product for my old high school team
@magnusburton We have a huge marketplace of sports analysts. What high school did you go to?
@jakattacks Horizon High School in Scottdale AZ
@magnusburton Looks like Horizon uses us for Volleyball!
Some seriously kick butt college teams are using Krossover to help them analyze their game footage!
You have a pretty cool looking product there, are you doing any kind of affiliate marketing, I believe the customers of @allteamz would be interested in knowing this is out there. Also, we are heavily involved in youth baseball and softball, are you seeing the GoPro footage from those sports? What are your thoughts on them?
I like what I have read and seen so far. I am checking with the local sports teams in Fresno and Clovis if they are using it. If not I am recommending it to them now.