Seasonal vegetarian recipes

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Finding good vegetarian recipes can be challenging, and this beautiful, highly visual cooking app is just the ticket.
@kikischirr thank you Kiki for hunting us today! We're happy seeing it on Product Hunt and featured in the App Store in the UK and Germany.
@kikischirr I'm not a vegetarian myself, but my uncle and two of my cousins are, and I know they would love this. :)
It's great to see my good friend @andreaskam, the maker of the Fit Men Cook app, out with another handy recipe app. I've been religiously using FMC recipes. I'm really looking forward to the healthy option of cooking only vegetables in season using Krautkopf.
@paul_s_kemp Thank you so much Paul! We've been away from Product Hunt for a while since FitMenCook outvoted Snoop Dog's album launch(!!!) but it feels great to have something new to show hunters.
The app looks slick and recipes look yummy. Congrats on the design Andreas!
@iliescualex thank you very much! It was a labour of love - the Krautkopf guys (Suzann & Yannic) have an amazing eye for detail, so it added a few challenges because we were using custom fonts (not for the faint hearted!).
Krautkopf recipes are inspired by produce at the local farmers market, with a focus on cooking dishes that are in season as it usually means more flavour, lower cost and a friendlier approach to the environment. Many of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Refined sugar is replaced with natural sweeteners such as honey, rice syrup and coconut sugar. With the Krautkopf app, we wanted to highlight the beautiful food photography, so we've gone for a minimal design and adapted to some of the browsing styles that people are used to - for example, you can swipe to move between recipes (like a cookbook) and you can double tap on a recipe picture to add it to your favourites (like Instagram). We then added in features that we felt would make cooking easier, like ticking off each step as you go along, so you don't lose your place in the recipe. The feature perhaps most loved by users is the shopping list, which is organised by aisle. This is a real time saver at the grocery store. Anyway - that's enough of an introduction from me but if there are any questions - I'd be happy to answer!
@andreaskam Honey, rice syrup etc are all simple carbohydrates. Your body doesn't care one way or the other - it reacts the same to them, whatever the source. People are fooling themselves by assuming that honey, for example, is in any way healthier than plain white sugar.
My boyfriend is a Vegetarian (I'm not - I'm Pescatarian), but he does a lot of the cooking, which means I"m eating a lot less seafood. When I cook, I get so lost because Idk what to make (that's not a salad), and get overwhelmed quickly. This app would be so helpful, especially for me. Plus the food looks delicious. Thak you @kikischirr for hunting this!
@callmewilsar @kikischirr thank you so much for the positive feedback - we hope we can help change people's views on vegetarian cuisine!