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Forex meets bitcoin exchange

3 Reviews
Stas Kulesh
Patrick J. Bradley
 +2 reviews
  • Patrick J. Bradley
    Patrick J. Bradleyfounder @muusicalapp and @sososwiftUS

    I can't think of anything Kraken does better than other exchanges.


    Impossible verification process. Website crashes after 50% of clicks. Website is very slow.

    I've had a terrible time with Kraken. I have attempted to get through their verification process 4 times. Each time it can take a week or more to receive a response. The response is usually very difficult to interpret. There is lots of boilerplate text. I signed up sometime over the summer, it is now January and I still am not verified. I've switched to Gemini and won't be looking back.

    Patrick J. Bradley has used this product for one month.
  • Oleg
    OlegFounder of Nexchange.io

    Liquid market


    Website is not responsive at least several times a week, execution is slow and there is quite a lot of (artificial)lippage in market trades!

    Overall a good product, but many technical problems + the company is taking a position against the clients by disabling trading at times, suspending market order execution, or creating an artificial slippage which they then take to their own pocket.

  • Pros: 

    has ripple and other currencies


    very buggy

    it is not letting me even sign up . keeps throwing errors .

    tarun has used this product for one day.