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  • Patrick J. Bradley
    Patrick J. Bradleyfounder @muusicalapp and @sososwiftUS

    I can't think of anything Kraken does better than other exchanges.


    Impossible verification process. Website crashes after 50% of clicks. Website is very slow.

    I've had a terrible time with Kraken. I have attempted to get through their verification process 4 times. Each time it can take a week or more to receive a response. The response is usually very difficult to interpret. There is lots of boilerplate text. I signed up sometime over the summer, it is now January and I still am not verified. I've switched to Gemini and won't be looking back.

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  • Oleg
    OlegFounder of

    Liquid market


    Website is not responsive at least several times a week, execution is slow and there is quite a lot of (artificial)lippage in market trades!

    Overall a good product, but many technical problems + the company is taking a position against the clients by disabling trading at times, suspending market order execution, or creating an artificial slippage which they then take to their own pocket.

Kraken is a very professionally run Bitcoin exchange and it has advanced trading features (though not as many as Bitfinex). It's also my favorite exchange to cash out from Bitcoin and Litecoin to EUR, as they are very quick in issuing bank transfers and have very cheap withdrawing fees. IMHO it's hands down the best exchange.
@brnt @guyco77 this happens sometime Guy, you might need to migrate to an exchange that does not take custody of your funds, like Nexchange (ran by us, disclaimer disclaimer), ShapeShift, or Changelly (if fiat is a must)!
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