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Krak is a social network for skateboarders. We thrive to empower them to explore, discover, and enjoy.

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I wish something like this existed 10 years ago :D
@__tosh Let's forget numbers and go for a ride new time you're in SF :) Back to the subject, congrats to the Krak team, defining who are communities is pretty hard, and for sure skate is a super vibrant one. Good job guys!
@__tosh That's exactly what I told myself. Even if skateboard in the late 90's was very exciting too.
@__tosh it's like a 'dream come true' for us ;)
@fredd thank you man! skateboarding is indeed a super vibrant community to live with, especially here ;)
@nicomage we ask ourselves every (damn) day: how to make skateboarding even more fun and exciting!
Thanks a lot @nicomage for the heads up and 'HI' to all product hunters. I'm the founder of Krak. We're a bunch of passionate skaters (I started when I was 13 y/o; back in the early 2000 days) and we proudly launched few weeks ago this v0 of our app. We're open to any feedback and are dying to receive your questions. Our mission is straightforward: ride the world! We wanna boost the creativity and the motivation of the skaters out there. They now have their own space to express themselves. Enjoy the ride and I look forward to talking w/ you.
great team. kickflipping in VC offices. respect.
@arush haha thanks man! here is a (one of) proof: