KPCB Edge Office Hours 2.0

Virtual office hours with VC and mentors on your smartphone

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Why a specified app for this rather than just arranging a Skype call or similar? Is this app becoming part of your flow to meet founders?
@bentossell Great questions - on your first Q, using text chat has allowed us to talk to many more people concurrently, with persistent threads over time, than would have been possible over video calls. As for founder flow, we've met with several entrepreneurs in person after meeting for the first time in the app, but the primary goal remains to just make our selves accessible to anyone who has a question about company building that we can answer :)
Hi folks! We're excited to announce the newest version of Office Hours as an update to the app we launched last year for founders. In addition to an all new Android app, we've also added several new features like guest sessions, FAQs for founders, our reading list, and continue to spend six hours each week speaking with folks from around the world. Pls feel free to ask us any questions here, or on the app :) You can read more about the effort here:
Really proud to have Smooch( power this experience for KPCB Edge. Their team has built the app entirely using React Native and have done an awesome job at taking our platform and making it shine in a novel use case. Great work folks!
Congrats on the new app @anjneymidha , @4el3ven and @roobeelee on the launch of 2.0! Great that you're pushing the frontier with React Native!
I wasn't aware of this app. Thanks for hunting it - @roneilr @anjneymidha - Looking forward to learn !