KPCB Edge Office Hours

Virtual office hours with VCs on your iPhone

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hi folks! we built office hours to make our selves more accessible to founders, regardless of location, education and background. we've been using it within our portfolio companies for a few weeks now, and are excited to open it out to anyone. you can also read more about why we built office hours here:
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@anjneymidha "warm introductions are overrated" Edge seems to be the solution. Downloaded. Will try the office hour sometime soon!
@anjneymidha thanks for putting me this out there. I look forward to trying it out!
@applecider_ @anjneymidha thanks Dan! replied to you on the app
@anjneymidha Congratulations on the launch! Always happy and excited to see SupportKit being used to create interesting and innovative products.
Congrats on the launch, @anjneymidha and team. I've been curious to see what you do with KPCB Edge since you told me about it a few month ago. I'm particularly interested to see how VC's differentiate and compete in this competitive environment. What's the goal of the app for KPCB? Are you using this as lead-gen to meet great entrepreneurs?
@rrhoover @roobeelee @anjneymidha This is fantastic. So far, VC intros have been more through the "warm intros," but I notice several VCs striving to bridge the gap btw the ones who "know people" vs "new comers." I personally believe it's better for entrepreneurs to spend more time building, less time trying to butt into the inner circle.
I will attest. This is an awesome idea, nicely executed. I have already had a chat with Anjney via the app this morning. Smart idea to get increased deal flow.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We're hoping Office Hours will be a way for us to talk to people who we might have never met otherwise about their work, their education, their questions, and their startups. For example, in the last few hours we've already had conversations with folks about apps they're building, the verticals we invest in, how the Office Hours backend works, and why we decided to create Edge. In the long run, we might have specific themes we focus on during certain office hours or bring on guests.
@roobeelee @rrhoover I was one of those few folks ๐Ÿ˜‰. Ruby gave some super high quality response.
@anjneymidha : KPCB Edge sounds interesting. I'd never heard of the new fund before and looking on your website there isn't too much info about the fund composition (which without such information, it would be hard for an entrepreneur to know how to position your fund during fundraising). I like that you've created your own version of SAFE without pro-rata rights. 1) What is the rough size of the fund? $5m, $10m, $25m, $50m, $100m, $500m ? 2) How much will you typically invest per company? 3) How many investments are you looking to make per year? thanks
@_jacksmith all great Qs! in reverse order: 3) 15 - 20 this year 2) $100-$250K 1) multiply above :) glad you noticed the SAFE!
@anjneymidha cool. thanks for the insights; that's very helpful. a few further quick questions if I may: 1) if you have your own note, is that fair to say that you'll often price a round, before a startup has found a 'lead investor' for their round then? 2) if a startup already has a lead and is raising a priced round, would you generally come in on the priced termsheet instead?
@_jacksmith 1) and 2) we do uncapped notes :)