Uncovering the superheroes of entrepreneurship!

Order a hero or I can draw one for you! My new art episode The superheroes of their industry. Be inspired to inspire!

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Hi Product Hunt ! First of all happy New Year!✌️ My name is Sandra and I’m an artist I'm doing a new art series about entrepreneurs.❤️ I believe founders are the new rock-stars! 😎 The mission is simple: to shed light on great ( and emerging) entrepreneurs. Why I'm here?☺️ I'll truly appreciate hearing your thoughts on the project! 💁🏼 I decided to make 2018 the year of Entrepreneurship, so I would love to draw and meet new and exiting people. 👀 Apart from this, I'm happy to make custom portraits for you or your friends or your company office.😽 I did a special promo code "producthunt" for 50% to all orders today for you =)😱🤑 Thank you @goldman_artem to help me with the concept and the website🙌 Thank you, @chrismessina, for hunting us!🙌
@kowalskigallery these are super fun! Thanks for sharing your work with the PH community!
@goldman_artem @chrismessina @kowalskigallery the fact that this exists is an amazing gift
Best 👏 @rrhoover 👏 portrait 👏 ever
@amrith hahaha. Now this Twitter thread makes a lot more sense.
@amrith @rrhoover LOL=) Ryan,could you please check your Instagram direct messages? I'm trying to send you the picture=)
WOAH! Uhmmm is this me?!
@bentossell Exactly! Work in Progress =)
@kowalskigallery As is my body in real life 😂
@bentossell It is a motivator LOL
I love these. Dope to the extreme 🚬🚬🚬
Very funny. Good luck )