Make your AR avatar do things for you

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Kouji is crafting a mixed reality where cute avatars make any moment magical to help social media users entertain their communities thanks to a big dose of art, humour and secret technologies...

With more than 1 Billion possible combinations you can create your avatar and start sharing funny photos and videos of it in the real world

When you can't say I love you to that awesome person send your avatar to say it for you

When you are oversleeping send your avatar say sorry to your boss

When you are afraid of sky diving your avatar is just enjoying it

When you just don't want to do it, your Kouji is here for that

With Kouji you can do more, you can be more !

You can also play with your friend's Kouji and make him do whatever you want.

Kouji, is your very little cute avatar that will be happy to act under your direction with a lot of different emotions and animations. You ll also be able to play with your friends avatar. When diversity is a real society dilemma, Kouji is bringing plenty of cultural assets (African, Asian, Arab, South American etc ..)


  • Aicha Mimouni
    Aicha MimouniCommunication

    Top !



    J'adore cette appli j'adore mon avatar j'attends avec impatience l'upgrade pour androïde pour avoir toutes les fonctionnalités.

    Aicha Mimouni has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Easy, fun and nice!


    Free ;-)

    I love using this app to chat and have fun with friends. So cool!

    Walid Hached has used this product for one year.


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Excellent app ! Your imagination is the only limit :)
Florian  Pariset
Florian ParisetMaker@parisetflorian
Thanks Romain for the Hunt! I’m Florian, the CEO of Spooklight Studio, the company behind this very very serious app ;) I can’t wait to see the feedback from the community! Just you know, we have big updates coming between now and this summer that will keep on improving the experience and features (face tracking, auto-avatars, stars, etc) alongside with our android version. Ultimately, Kouji strives to offer an avatar maker that works on all platforms for whatever usage you might have (IM, Video, etc) since we don’t believe in having as many avatars as services we’re using (snapchat, facebook, etc)! This will be specially true in VR and MR platforms where we’ll need avatars pretty much all the time because of the lack of front facing camera. Anyway, hope you like it!
Ines Hamida Ep Mestiri
Ines Hamida Ep Mestiri@ines_hamida_ep_mestiri · COO HADRUM
funny & lovely app ! good luck guys ;)
Fabienne Pariset Descauses
Fabienne Pariset Descauses@fabienne_pariset_descauses
I love 💕
Sami Tounsy
Sami Tounsy@sami_tounsy · CEO, monresto
Great app. Keep up the good work guys 😉👌