Kotn: Black Friday Project

Shop online this weekend and help fund a school in Egypt

We’re working with a local NGO to provide education to 33 underprivileged children between the ages of 6-14. For four days, all the profits from your orders will fund the purchase and build out of our second school.

THIS YEARS PROJECT IS NOW LIVE ON PH: producthunt.com/posts/kotn-black-friday-project-2

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This project deserves to be #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt throughout the day.
@niteshmanav thank you!! Happy to answer any questions you have :)
Follow you guys on instagram! Love the initiative 🙌
this couldn't come at a better time as Egypt is reeling from its deadliest ever terrorist attack.
@pfrankis Thank you Peter. We are all devastated by the news.
Wow, I am a bit late here, will share with everyone. Is the school initiative (or generally working with NGO's) going to be an ongoing beyond Black Friday / Cyber Monday?
@elbahnasy yes! We’ve built one so far, and thanks in part to ProductHunt we’ve successfully funded number two this weekend!! Our is to build 50 of these schools by 2025.
@benjaminsehl Congratulations guys that's awesome news. This type of commerce makes things better (for consumers and producers).
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to the ProductHunt community for helping make this happen. We passed our goal by more than $10k — meaning beyond what we hoped to achieve, we'll be supplying students with better computers, music and gym equipment, field trips, and more.