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Hi PH’ers! I am @hendrikrust, co-founder of Kotive. Our business is to make-tasks-flow. I am excited about the opportunity (thanks @matthieudeluze !) to introduce Kotive to you and would love to get the community’s feedback! We created Kotive to enable small businesses to build and run their own e-processes - without any coding. We’ve made it easy and uncomplicated for anyone to build taskflows that automate repetitive tasks, give people feedback through timely notifications, and show them forms when their input is needed along the way. String tasks (e.g. Google Sheets, Mandrill, forms, Slack, Mailchimp, Twilio, etc.) together in a visual flow in the order you need them done. Set conditions to control the flow from one task to the next. Invite team members to use the taskflow and/or make the taskflow public. You can get a quick start by cloning any of our ready-made taskflows if you do not want to build from scratch. Thanks for the feedback in advance!
Yes! Product Hunters get an exclusive offer - see our homepage for details.
@hendrikrust @matthieudeluze this seems like an ideal solution for someone with nascent technical skills looking to automate tedious parts of their work—the need is certainly there. How is Kotive different than IFTTT or Zapier? How will it compete (especially with their free plans)?
@kateslashrocky @matthieudeluze Thanks for the good question! IFTTT performs a task when triggered while Zapier can perform a series of automated tasks when triggered, to move data between web apps. Kotive is more on the business process management side of things (although we do not talk that lingo ;) ). Kotive can also perform a series of automated tasks with the difference that it can involve people anywhere in the process. It could be different people with different roles (access control), and their input (e.g. business decisions) could alter the resulting flow of tasks within that process. You can design different patterns of flow between your tasks: linear, alternative, simultaneous and non-linear (previously skipped tasks are activated by a task later-on in the taskflow). We designed Kotive with taskflow multitenancy: design your taskflow once, and have your different customers run that taskflow within their own sub-accounts. More info on Kotive’s structure - http://www.kotive.com/how-to/get... With regard to price, you can design as many taskflows as you like for free, forever. Your referral link gives you an extra 100 task executions for everyone who signs up when using it.