Free homework help chat

Kosmos is a homework help chat for middle and high school students.

This is your community to ask, discuss, and answer homework questions with other students from across the country. Kosmos is designed to be fun and encourage conversation on any school-related topic, so you gain a better understanding of your homework! πŸ˜ŽπŸ“

Wish I had something like this 15 years ago. ...now I'm feeling old.
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@rrhoover Nothing better than to be a teen in the Kosmos era :-)
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Hi PH πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I'm Can, a founder of Kosmos. Kosmos is "Slack for students". We're building a community where students help each other out. We launched Kosmos for iPhone and Android one week ago and currently have 600 downloads and around 60 daily active users. Here's our story. Our goal is to make school life easier for students. Currently, we're focusing on homework. Homework is something that students deal with every day, and as you all know can be a pain in the ass. This is not our first rodeo. We launched a product called Humbot in January where we offered unlimited tutoring for $99 a month. However, we quickly learned that teens are not ready to pay, even much smaller amounts than $99. We also learned that students need quick, interactive (i.e. a chat dialogue) help when they are stuck with homework. The learning effect is greatest when students can chat back and forth and not only receive a "static" answer. Kosmos can be described as a "Slack for students", but currently there is only one community (created and run by us) and users can't create new teams/communities. The difference to Slack or Discord is that we'll be adding homework-specific features (e.g. whiteboards, graphing tools and whatnot) over the coming weeks and develop the brand and UX towards teens specifically. Most teens don't know what Slack is and have never heard of Discord (except if they're gamers).
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@canolcer just downloaded!
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I think this could really help build confidence and empathy among students - we all have different strengths. How do you plan to reach your target audience? Will you partner with schools? @canolcer @eelirem @dorenanagel
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@abadesi thanks! Currently we're exploring different paid channels to get it started, but in the mid-term a product like this needs to grow by word-of-mouth (let's see if we can achieve that). Right now, Snap ads seem to work the best. We're in touch with one school and the teachers there find it interesting. Let's see if they share it with their students (no data on this yet). Schools will be an important channel in the long-term I guess. However, if you're small and unknown (like us), the cost of acquiring partners is usually too high. Edit: Forgot to mention that the organic search in the respective app stores also drives some installs (learning here: teens use the app store search like we use google. Also, although the general mantra is "people don't download apps but prefer websites", for teens the opposite is true).
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@Can who answers the questions and how do you check the quality of the answers? How did U hire the tutors for this?
@can @vikas_yadav1 Sorry only saw this comment just now. It's a chat community, so other users answer questions and engage in discussions.