A connected coach to keep control of your smoking habits

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Smokio is another connected e-cigarette that might help curb the addiction.
anyone know how effective Kosmo is? I have some friends who could use this...
Happy to see our product on PH. The main difference with Smokio is our design and the coaching experience. We are beta testing our product with smoker and healthcare professional, seems to be effective so far ;-) Let us know if you want to test it.
@ylannw any conclusive stats so far?
Can't share our number yet. But our starting point is that 67% of tobacco smokers used electronic cigarettes to reduce or quit tobacco smoking.
@ylannw that's great. cc'ing @liveink (I remember you digging Smokio a while back)
@rrhoover ohh this looks cool, will check out
@liveink would love to get you beta test our product.