A fast SPDY capable web server for web development in C

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Could you tell us more about the use cases? It seems counter-intuitive to me to use C for web APIs today, given the existence of so many higher level languages that make development faster, and the existence of golang for when performances is what matters. Does this fit to solve a specific problem other languages don't, or is it mostly to give people who would rather write C a chance to make web APIs?
@oelmekki basically what I was wondering. Seems like a lot of development overhead compared to something like Go.
@nickplee @oelmekki I remember the discussion on HN was similar. KORE is really interesting, but too low-level for web dev.
@oelmekki I assumed this was purely for embedded web servers; i.e. 'IoT'
Why sd I use Kore.io instead of a Go solution for web development?