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We've been busy here at @koofrnet (http://koofr.eu) working on the best solution for managing and organizing your files in this new age. What started out as a simple European Dropbox replacement has now become a service that connects your files across platforms and other storages (Dropbox, Google, Onedrive etc). We've made it our mission to make searching through multiple apps thing of a past and have everything accessible easily and quickly. Hope you like it! We're here for all your questions :)
Koofr seamlessly connects multiple cloud storage accounts. Whoop whoop
Are there any limitations with connecting Dropbox, Google and other similar services on the free account?
@mojcamars we know it's crazy, but there are absolutely no limits in free accounts! You can connect as many Dropbox, Google or Onedrive accounts you want.
I love that you can easily copy files between different cloud providers.