An interactive graph for finding new books

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Ava HuangMaker@avahuangg · Founder, Keplr
Hey! We made Kooba because we love books and want people to have an easier time finding great recommendations. Kooba uses Amazon data (we're planning to incorporate Goodreads/Google Books data) and generates relevant suggestions in an intuitive visual way.
what a great way to discover the next book you'll love!!!! 📚😍
Ava HuangMaker@avahuangg · Founder, Keplr
@rockinbinbin eek I hope you fins lots of books you love with it!!
Ahmed@geek_1001 · iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
Just fantastic! (so sad it has only 15 upvotes though) Also as a feedback: I think you should have some sharing abilities for sure. I'd like to share the book recommendation somehow. It would be also cool if the user can export the recommendation as a list. Good luck with the product! 😊
Ava HuangMaker@avahuangg · Founder, Keplr
@geek_1001 yes!! Planning to add sharing features.
Dillon Chen@dillchen · Source - https://sourcewifi.com
This looks really cool, are you guys making money off affiliate links here? Also what determines the "shape" of the graph?
Ryan Rucker@ryankrucker · Co-Founder, Charmer
The design is phenomenal.
Ava HuangMaker@avahuangg · Founder, Keplr
@ryankrucker Thank you!!