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Hello Product Hunters! I'm the founder of Konveen and we originally built this product as part of a CRM as I didn't like the one sided, non-transparent nature of sales calls but in time we realised that this would make a fantastic stand alone product. I believe everyone is more successful if - * Meetings become more structured and outcome driven * Transparency and accountability are improved * Everyone leaves knowing why they were there, what happened, and that their time was well spent Our initial launch aims are to allow you to structure, invite, connect, document and disseminate. We do this through a shared agenda, invite through email, connect via built in video/audio (or just use a phone or have a face to face), document your notes, actions and decisions contextually and send everyone a copy of the minutes through a branded PDF (or use the built in search tool if you're a registered member). We'd love you try Konveen free for 5 meetings and let us know what you think. Behavioural change is the biggest challenge so we don't limit you to 30 days but we do think you'll see the value within that time. Even if you don't use Konveen, we'd like you to read our take on the real cost of meetings which will give you some insights into why we are passionate about this space - http://konveen.io/blog/the-real-...