Kontroll your Mac using your iOS device

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The design is clearly Yo inspired but I do like the simplicity: Yesterday a similar product launched: Alfred Remote
@rrhoover really the iDevice is just a glorified programmable remote for the desktop PC.
@chrismessina I'm curious to see how much Apple focused on iOS mirroring. The iPhone and iPad are powerful enough to become your media center, video game console, etc. yet I haven't seen many startups/makers focus on this. Probably in large part because of the limited Apple TV adoption and "newness" of this behavior.
@rrhoover well, they focused on Handoff, but I wonder how much Apple product development assumed multi-iDevice households? Like, do most people these days just have an iPhone and an Xbox and cable TV box? Clearly Google believes there will at least be a laptop or mobile device in your home to send content to your Chromecast. What other hidden assumptions go into feature development at major hardware makers?
Kontroll is still in its first stage and we'll try to add more supported applications within the near future. More about coming features: http://kontroll.io/updates I'd love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have. Hope you like it!