Kontrol for Tesla

Control your Tesla with this slick iPhone app

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Hi everyone! First, thanks @vivekmr for the hunt! My colleagues and I created Kontrol for Tesla because we love Tesla technology and the Tesla community. We wanted to create an app that was both simple and fun to use (not to mention FREE). Our app includes most of the functionality from Tesla’s app plus additional features like: - Start car with Touch ID - Unlock, honk, and check charge status with 3D Touch or through the widget - Smart ventilation to prevent your car from getting too hot - Plus additional features coming soon… This is version 1 and we have many ideas for version 2 (already working on it). Please download and share your feedback and requests for future updates. We really hope you like it!
Didn't know they had an API. Pretty cool!
Really cool looking. Tesla's own app is looking really dated these days and is pretty unstable too. There are other alternatives, but this is by far the best looking.
Hey @josh_soto, much as I like this, the lack of international support is becoming a deal breaker for me. Any idea when I'll be able to configure Kontrol to use kilometres and celsius?
@frassmith it will be in the next update which should be out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience
Good idea. Additional features to v2.0 could include diagnostic info, such as: battery charge level, number of miles remaining on the charge, and maintenance recommendations.