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This is THE site for all things design inspiration! Such a visually attractive way to browse through some amazing design work. Kudos to the Kontor team! I'll let them tell you more! @MiaLewin @WilliamHanley @andyparsons
Thanks Ben! We are excited to launch Kontor today on Product Hunt. Kontor has been in private Beta since June with professionals from the world of workplace design. Today we are opening to the public and I'd like to share a little more about our vision: Founded by a group of design-minded tech entrepreneurs—Mia Lewin, Andy Parsons, Kevin Ryan, and Tom Melcher—Kontor is an unprecedented network for workplace design. We connect visionary companies, great designers, and innovative product makers using a combination of beautiful project photography, expert metadata, and design-focused search algorithm we call the Design Graph. On Kontor, everyone involved in workplace design—from architects and product makers to client businesses—can discover the best offices in the world. Please visit us at https://www.kontor.com and share your impressions. Looking forward to a lively conversation here!
@andyparsons Awesome, name! What is the story behind it? / Best regards from Sweden Edit: Ah, Mia Lewin - that name got a Swedish ring to it! :)
Hi @stpe ! Kontor means "office" in Danish and speaks to our love of workplace architecture/design as something that has real impact worldwide.
@andyparsons Yep, it is "office" in Swedish as well.
@stpe of course, Swedish as well!
@stpe @andyparsons Yes. Celebrating my Nordic roots and scandi design- am from Finland originally.
For any interested tech folks, we’re obviously really excited about our launch and proud of our tech stack. Notably, our back-end is written in Clojure and on the front end we use React.js. Of course, as Clojurists, we all advocate hammock-driven-development (https://www.kontor.com/image/2ce...). Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about our development process and our experiences using Clojure and React.
Beautiful and fun to search! Mia, our team can't wait until we are big enough to move into a space that needs Kontor! Congratulations on your launch and our best to everyone at Kontor - Katherine and the SnapTwice team :-)
@snaptwiceswan Katherine, there is some great high end - low end inspiration on the platform suitable for start-ups and we've also partnered with players like HomePolish. The trend is all about mixing and matching iconic pieces with smaller makers or even Ikea hacks that make even small spaces look great and flexible.
Love it!!!