Real-time booking of freight shipping containers

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Paul Smith
Co-founder & CEO at Ricochet AI
Shipping freight in containers revolutionised the world in the 1960s, but the industry hasn't moved on much since. Booking and transacting is still predominantly offline, still waiting hours and days for traders and brokers to phone back with quotes and availability, and a mess of paperwork that requires faxing and filing. While there are clunky software solutions for the middle men, here's one of the first real-time booking platforms aimed at the businesses shipping the goods. There's a smart team behind Kontainers bringing plenty of sector experience with them.
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COO @ Product Hunt
I am going to be excited to see what they do. I've shipped things from one part of the world to another and personally experienced how painful the process is. Kudos to them for tackling a hard problem. That needs to be modernized.
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Wil BentonPD @IgniteAccel | Built @ChewOfficial
Hearing the team talk about Kontainers is mind blowing. Every time I've talked to them I've been left amazed by what they're doing to one of the few remaining global industries with no proper tech infrastructure. It gets thrown about a lot but Kontainers really is a world changing product!
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#Forestspot.io cto
Is this the one from TCDSF last year?
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Samueltsumego.fr / gobilab.com
reminds me of www.envoimoinscher.com in France - not for containers, but for smaller parcels / boxes. Streamlined process it appears. Way cool.