On-demand freelancers for business available 24/7 via chat.

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Hi everyone! I'm the CEO of Konsus. We provide On-Demand Freelancers for Business. Companies simply send us tasks via chat or email and then we instantly assign a freelancer based on skill and availability. Most knowledge workers spend a large portion of their day doing non-core work, such as polishing powerpoint presentations. We specialize in 10 common business tasks, so our clients can make time for work that matters.
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Konsus looks really useful. Interesting to see a bunch of similar products launching in the last couple of weeks trying to disrupt elance and freelancer with on-demand curated freelancer services. Checkout Helptap and Tara.
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@kwdinc Helptap and Tara looks awesome! About time people started to build companies to overthrow UpWork and Freelancer. It just has to be an easier way :)
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@f_thomassen @kwdinc I totally agree! UPWork and Freelancer have had far to long in an unchallenged space, and to be honest seem to have become a little complacent. Good Work :-)
@f_thomassen @kwdinc add @CountUp_io to the list. We curated and screened a network of over 150 licensed accountants for startups to delegate accounting tasks to on-demand. Would love your thoughts.
$100 for free from the start! Hell ya, I will try this service :) Just post my first task there. Will see how it will work. Great branding btw ;)
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Joined! Haven't yet tried, but looking forward to it, good luck! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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Great execution on the website, making it easy to use and explained well. And a $100 credit.. nice! Going to try Konsus out soon.